Our Journey


Proud to be 100% New Zealand owned.

Starting as a humble company that just sold projectors in 1999, we have grown and adapted to the changes in the audio visual landscape to become the amazing company we are today. Employing over 30 full-timers and an additional 10 consultants, with offices in Auckland and Christchurch and contractors in Wellington and Dunedin we are one of the largest audio visual companies in New Zealand and can support your technology requirements nationwide. With that amount of people, it means that at anytime of the day or week, we can respond to any problem. You focus on what you do best and we'll handle the rest. 


Our People

We are listeners. We are collaborators. Above all, we are a team of AV geeks to the core and love all things technological.

Paul Monaghan



Michael Zhou

Finance Manager


Nick White

Installation Manager

Nicki Carter

AV Consultant


Andrew Christini

AV Consultant


Vivek Singh


Shannon Thomas

AV Consultant


Katy Lewis

Customer Service


Charles Wilke

AV Consultant


Alisha Thakur



The Christchurch Team


Kelly Sumner

Office Administrator

Installation Tech Team

South Island Team


Support & Maintenance Team

As the Support team we are often called when things aren’t working. A majority of the time the nature of the call is urgent and if successful we gain immense satisfaction from restoring service promptly and seeing clients happy. We can always expect the unexpected as we support a huge variety of products and solutions therefore every job can be different. We enjoy the challenge and the ever changing landscape which is great as it makes our roles varied and colourful.

Installation Technician Team

The skills that one needs to be a successful Audio Visual Technician are as varied as the products themselves, you need to be a builder, a cable guy, have an ear for audio and eye for images an understanding of how signals work the paths they follow, ………..we’ve built props for stage, we are musicians, we fabricate, we are programmers, we are all about the solution and take immense satisfaction in the work we do, and yes, ….. we are the Vikings.

2007 - Winner of 'Best Commercial Project Award'
Australasia University of Auckland Business School

2006 - Winner of 'Best Commercial Project Award'
Australasia Air New Zealand Head office


2007 Sales Excellence Award



2004 - Winner of 'Best Commercial Project Award'
Australasia Botany Library