Creating an impact. 


Provision LED is a specialist department we have set up specifically to deal with the huge increase in digital signage and indoor & outdoor LED displays enquiries we are getting. As a result, we are able to give you the high level of service you expect.


Your business is unique, and the environment in which you are trying to broadcast your messages is too. At Provision LED we understand this and with every business there is a different requirement and a unique screen solution.

We don't give you the solution we have given a hundred times before. We make an assessment of your specific requirements and make a solution based on that.


Why do you need one? Well they have so many uses. They are getting more and more popular and I bet you're starting to see them more frequently? Well that's the point- you see them. They are more visible. They catch your attention because they are big and bright!

That's why businesses large and small like them- they can be any size, shape and are specifically designed for the purpose of catching you attention. They are easy to manage the content instantly, so you can keep change the images as often as you like.

Schools and churches like them too. They use them as a way of communication with their community, parents and students. Sports teams like them as they can be a scoreboard as well as big screen and advertising medium.


Indoor LED screens can be used for a variety of reasons. We think it looks awesome and so do our clients; and there your first reason for having it.

Retail stores love it to make awesome window displays which are animated and can have content changed out instantly. Corporate offices use them to create a talking point and for something for visitors to look at as well as signage and way finding reasons. They are also hugely popular in high-footfall public area for marketing and billboards.

There are of course many purposes including use in board room and as a bezel-free and brighter version of a video wall.