If you understand the importance of routinely maintaining your car - the same principle pretty much applies with your AV gear. Being proactive with your equipment is a sure way of extending its life span and  keep it working at optimal conditions. 

Preventative maintenance shall be performed quarterly and will include the following tasks:

  • Inspect and test all system control functions and panels. Verify that all control functions perform in accordance with system specifications. Confirm that all software operations, associated hardware, and system pre-set and default conditions are properly set.

  • Test control system and codec software/ firmware, working with product suppliers as necessary (e.g.  AMX, Cisco).  Update firmware if necessary to latest version.

  • Test all AV signal sources and display.. Ensure that all input and output audio and video signals meet system specifications, including but not limited to level, phase, separation, noise, distortion and frequency response in accordance with manufacturer’s and system designer performance specifications.

  • Calibrate and align all systems and equipment, including audio room balance, per recommended manufacturer and system design procedures. This applies to all system components such as, servers, microphones, cameras, speakers, video monitors for video and computer signals, projectors, scan converters, amplifiers, switchers, mixers, echo cancellers, codecs, multiplexes etc as applicable.

  • Perform video conference calls if required. Co-ordinate with PC support to ensure proper standardised performance and certification of the facility.

  • Perform general maintenance and clearing of all system components. Clean all monitor faces, touch screens, camera lenses and projector optics. All audio, video and control cables, patch fields and hardware inspected, tightened and repaired as necessary.

  • Provide a detailed checklist and report of all maintenance activities and findings to the designated facilities manager. Maintain a log of regular visits, activities and results.

We place great importance on preventative maintenance, to ensure continued best performance of your tailored audio visual solution.